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Hi, I’m Melane Ann!

I help women improve their relationships, increase their confidence and understand their emotions.

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P.S. I am a Coach with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I can help you be brave, curious and empowered!

If you are like me, turning fifty caused me to take an inventory of my life. I loved my adult kids, looked forward to having grandkids, but I didn’t feel old or ready to slow down!

Frankly, I felt like I was just getting started!

The more I thought about being “half way” to the finish line, I had two questions that kept bouncing through my thoughts.

Did I enjoy the life that I was living?

The day to day routines that I had created and counted on to define my world began to feel limiting. My relationships felt stale and I was struggling to make the shift from kid mom to empty nester.

Was there more out there, waiting for me to get curious enough to begin searching for it?
The short answer is: Yes, there is so much more to experience in midlife!

The Blog

Midlife is Magical was created out of my desire to support and encourage women who are navigating the second half of life. I write about the topics that matter most to women our age!

  • Relationships
  • Adult Kids
  • Self Development
  • Aging Well
You can think of me as your virtual bestie! I am here to support, encourage and challenge you.

Looking For More Personalized Help?

I offer personal coaching for midlife women who want to improve their relationships, increase their confidence and understand their emotions.

I specialize in:
  • Managing anxiety
  • Healing from divorce
  • Empty nest grief/ identity issues
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Thank you for reading and sharing my content! It is my goal to help midlife women create a life they love!

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