Cold Brew Coffee Might Solve Your Midlife Heartburn

When life messes with my coffee intake, I get cranky. If you are suffering from heartburn due to coffee consumption, I feel you. For a season, I had to switch to cold brew coffee to eliminate my constant heartburn.

Hormones and Heartburn

Between estrogen swings and acidic coffee, my life had become fairly miserable. I wrote this post with a smidge of attitude, fearful that I would be saying goodbye forever to my morning coffee and piece of dark chocolate. Thankfully things balanced out and I am still a committed caffeine consumer .


 It can kick pretty hard. For the most part I have a great attitude about exploring new ideas as I focus on aging well. And then there are the days when I am straight up pissed about the crashing waves of change!

For women this also includes the wonderful experience of having a “system” die and become obsolete inside your body. The only constant in this pre-menopausal season is change.  And maybe irrational flaming anger at your spouse/children/AT&T customer service.

Midlife Changes Can Suck

So, my midlife body has decided that I can no longer drink regular drip brewed coffee without igniting my esophagus with harsh heartburn.


 I have suffered from food allergies for years, and felt justified in enjoying coffee daily, in reasonable amounts. Nope. There is a new sheriff in town and that simple pleasure is now outlawed. I confess that I have had a level of resentment over things changing in my body chemistry.


For me, one of the bonuses of having a midlife body is having millennial adult children. Children, formerly Starbucks baristas, who possess the mystical knowledge of Cold Brew coffee creation. 

Cold Brew Coffee FTW!

Cold Brew coffee basically eliminates the acid that is created when the coffee beans are heated in normal heat based brewing.  For me, drinking Cold Brew Coffee also eliminates my heartburn. And I am human again.

So, ready to follow the mystical magical method of cold brewing? Do random hairs grow out of a midlife woman’s chin? Heck yes. Here is the process my daughter shared with me to cold brew coffee. Once the coffee is ready, you can prepare it in a traditional cold brew drink, or like me, heat it up and drink it like regular hot coffee.

Recipe For Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

You will need:

2 cups of coffee beans, medium roast is what I use, it needs to have a strong flavor,

Coffee bean grinder

6 cups of water

Glass pitcher, typical basket drip coffee filter, long handled spoon, mesh strainers (one smaller/one larger) and a second glass bowl to catch the strained coffee.

Pour 6 cups of water into glass pitcher. Measure out beans. Grind quickly/lightly; don’t grind for too long, as it heats up the coffee beans during grinding.  Dump beans into glass pitcher containing the water. Use a long handle spoon or other utensil to make sure the coffee is stirred into the water. 

Let sit for at least 12 hours. You can put it in the fridge or leave it on the counter. The cold in cold brew means No Heat is used in the brewing process.

Using two mesh strainers, place the coffee filter inside the larger strainer, setting smaller strainer on top of filter.  Pour brewed coffee thru the strainers into a clean glass container.  Dump out grounds into stacked mesh strainers as the coffee drains, strain more coffee until completely strained.

For clean up -Rinse out remaining coffee grounds caught in glass pitcher. I rinse and then dump it into a strainer, then into the trash. I don’t want coffee grounds clogging up my kitchen sink.

Pour Cold Brew into your favorite glass, lidded container for fridge storage. It lasts up to a week.

Voila! Cold Brew Coffee. 

NOTE: This coffee is a concentrated form. I use 2/3 cup coffee to 1/3 water/cream/coconut creamer.

Adjust according to your personal taste. 

Is It Frugal To Make?

I calculated the cost of making Cold Brew at home. Disclaimer: I have never bought it at Starbucks, so I cannot provide a cost comparison. I have purchased this brand at the local grocery store. It is 6.99 for /bottle….

Homemade Cold Brew:

Coffee- organic store brand- $6.99 /lb

This process uses about half a pound of coffee per batch, so we start with $3.49/half pound of coffee.

After brewing, you will get about < 5 cups of coffee concentrate (give or take 40 ish ounces of liquid)

A serving is one third a cup (2.66 fluid ounces)

You will have approximately 15 servings of concentrate

Each serving costs approx .23 cents.

Sheesh. I really dislke consumer math. 

For my midlife lifestyle, Cold Brew coffee is budget friendly, fairly easy to prepare and totally the shizz in reducing heartburn.

Give it a try, make some cold brew. If nothing else, you can impress your peeps with your mad barista skillz.

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