Oh, I love a juicy “About Me” page, don’t you?

Hi, I’m Melane Ann, I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, a writer and I work with clients virtually from my home office.

My scientist husband and I live an empty nester life for most of the year, until his younger boys join us for visits. Then I make buckets of chili, listen to fart jokes and have deep insightful conversations about the effects of cute girls on raging teenage hormones!

 Oh, I also have a black belt in blended families. Seriously.

After going through a divorce at the age of fifty one, I decided to go to grad school. I wanted to learn about creating better relationships, including the one we have with ourselves. I was stunned to learn that I had made so many bad life choices because, like many of us, I was living on autopilot. 

So, I started with the question: why did I do that? That question turned into a journey of understanding how the human mind works, specifically how our thinking can help us or worse, hurt us.

Many of us have no idea why we make decisions that set us up for potential failure. And when we approach middle age we feel anxious, regretful and wonder if we could have been someone else.

I have made it my personal mission to help midlife women navigate anxiety, let go of adult kids and reduce those exhausting worry cycles. I help women create a life they love, because your happiness matters!

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Cheering us on,

Melane Ann

If you are interested in more of my story, please watch this interview that I recently did about returning to school after the age of 50.