Boomers Seem to Have It All, and Some Resent Them For It

Boomers, also known as Baby Boomers, were born between 1946 and 1965. They are the largest generation in American history and have profoundly impacted society, culture, and the economy. Boomers have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are often financially stable.

Many have the time and freedom to pursue their interests and travel the world. Despite the stereotype of being close-minded and out of touch, boomers seem to enjoy the latter half of life with energy and enthusiasm.

Younger generations seem to resent this group of folks, but boomers refuse to be the villain in generational politics.


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Baby boomers are retiring in droves, and many use their newfound free time to travel. Popular destinations for this crowd include Europe, the Caribbean, and national parks in the United States. Boomers are looking for travel experiences that are authentic, enriching, and active.

Home Improvement

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Boomers are investing in their homes. They are renovating to improve their homes’ comfort, functionality, and value. Many updates focus on making their homes more energy-efficient and sustainable, a nod to younger generations’ concerns about climate change.


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Despite the stereotype, boomers embrace technology, and most use devices to stay connected and manage their finances. Boomers are also interested in using technology to stay active and healthy, such as using fitness trackers and health apps. Digital pill dispensers and blood sugar monitors help keep track of medication requirements.


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Many boomers plan on downsizing their homes when they retire. They are looking for smaller, easier-to-maintain, and conveniently located homes. Recently, there has been some resentment directed at this generation for not downsizing fast enough to free up existing homes. Surveys indicate that the average age to downsize is 66 years old, depending on finances and health issues.

Active Aging

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In general, boomers stay active and healthy longer than any previous generation. Hiking, biking, yoga, and pickleball are increasingly popular. Most boomers remember early sports heroes like Mickey Mantle, Johnny Unitas, and Gordie Howe. These folks are also the most likely to attend a local sporting event for enjoyment.

Financial Security

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Boomers are focused on achieving financial security in retirement. Many are focusing on saving, investing money, and working to reduce their debt. Boomers want to ensure they have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. Protecting their assets from inflation is a crucial concern for this generation.

Health Insurance

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Boomers are nearing retirement age, and many are concerned about their health insurance options. Healthcare costs are the primary concern for most boomers; outliving their retirement and savings is an alarming possibility. Some families fear that long-term care for a boomer parent will drain away any monetary inheritance.


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Boomers are interested in eating a healthy diet. Having survived the introduction of fast food and frozen dinners, this generation is now reading food labels and choosing nutritious foods.  Many health-conscious folks are learning about new food trends and recipes while reducing unhealthy additives and excessive salt.

Giving Back

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Boomers volunteer their time to causes they care about, supporting charities and foundations. This generation seeks opportunities to make a difference in their communities and the world. Typically hard-working, resourceful, and experienced, they value the relationships gained by volunteering.

Lifelong Learning

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Boomers are typically curious and lifelong learners. They are interested in taking classes, reading books, and attending lectures. Continuing education is a core value for many folks looking to learn new skills and stay current on the latest trends.


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Boomers are becoming grandparents and are tossing aside the old-sounding titles of Grandma and Grandpa. Younger-sounding and more informal titles are popular with this generation. Interestingly, internet discussion threads describe boomer grandparents as “useless” and suggest that “TV raised us, they were too busy working.”

Experiences Over Things

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Boomers are shifting their spending priorities from things to experiences. They are interested in spending money on travel, entertainment, and dining out. Boomers are also looking for experiences to share with their loved ones. Things like family cruises, destination trips, and college funds for grandkids are becoming more commonplace.

Legacy Planning

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Boomers are thinking about their legacy, reflecting on how they want to be remembered and what they want to leave behind for their loved ones. This generation will likely leave financial gifts to their favorite charities, continuing to make a difference in the world.

Of course, aging also has some challenges, such as health problems and social isolation. Despite being considered “the Me generation” the benefits of being a boomer are undeniable. Most boomers have the opportunity to enjoy a long and healthy life, making a significant contribution to their families and communities.

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