Do You Want to Be Happier Next Year? Then You Need to Let Go of These 15 Things

When it comes to finding happiness and peace in life, we often hear the term ‘letting go’. It suggests freeing ourselves from negativity – be it emotions, thoughts, people, or things – that no longer serve us. By doing so, we create space and freedom for personal growth, evolution, and genuine happiness. Here are 15 things you can let go of to experience a happier life.

Let Go Of The Need For Perfection

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Perfection is an unattainable goal that often leads to disappointment and self-criticism. Instead, embrace your imperfections and focus on progress rather than perfection.

Let Go Of Comparing Yourself To Others

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Comparison is the thief of joy. Each person’s journey is unique, so focus on your own path and celebrate your victories instead of comparing them to others.

Let Go Of Grudges

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Holding onto anger and resentment only harms you in the long run. Forgive those who have wronged you and move on for your own peace of mind.

Let Go Toxic Relationships

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Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you, not those who bring negativity into your life.

Let Go Of Trying To Please Everyone

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It’s impossible to make everyone happy, so focus on doing what makes you happy instead.

Let Go Of The Past

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The past is behind us, and we cannot change it. Let go of regrets and focus on creating a better future for yourself.

Let Go Of Self-Doubt

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Believe in yourself and your abilities. You are capable of achieving great things!

Let Go Of Negative Self-Talk

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 Be kind to yourself and replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations.

Let Go Of Material Possessions

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True happiness does not come from material possessions. Focus on experiences and relationships instead.

Let Go Of The Need For Control

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Trying to control every aspect of your life only leads to stress and anxiety. Learn to let go and trust in the process.

Let Go Of The Fear Of Failure

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 Failure is a part of life, and it often leads to growth and learning opportunities. Embrace it rather than fearing it.

Let Go Of The Need For Validation From Others

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Your worth is not determined by others’ opinions of you. Trust in yourself and your decisions.

Let Go Of Jealousy

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Comparison and envy only lead to negative feelings. Instead, be happy for others’ success and focus on your own journey.

Let Go Of The Need To Be Right

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 Sometimes, it’s more important to have peace than to prove a point. Learn to let go of arguments and choose harmony instead.

Let Go Of Expectations

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Life rarely goes exactly as planned, so don’t hold onto strict expectations. Be open to change and embrace the unexpected.

Freeing yourself from the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back will make room for positivity and growth. Although it may be challenging, the rewards are immeasurable. Be kind to yourself and have faith in the process. Take a moment to breathe, release, and welcome a brighter future. Letting go is not the end but the start of an exciting new chapter. Don’t hesitate to let go and explore the extraordinary possibilities that await you!

The 2 Things You Need to Survive the Holiday Drama

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Okay, friends, the holidays are coming; who’s ready to run the gauntlet of stress and family drama?  Between the last-minute gift buying and feeling like you might as well pitch a tent at the grocery store, holidays are like running the hurdles at a high school track meet. Eventually, due to crushing fatigue, you don’t jump high enough and get whacked in the groin, launching yourself into the air and landing with a spectacular face plant!


Blended Families and The Holidays: Can It Be Enjoyable?

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You have re-married! Congratulations! Its incredible to be in love and happy again!! Your love story feels amazing. As a couple you want to celebrate your new life and you can’t wait to share blended family holidays!

Blended families are one of the most challenging and rewarding things about re-marriage. Often, one of the most destructive things to a second marriage is the stepchildren. Loyalties are triggered, birth parents feel defensive or embarrassed by their kid’s behavior, and the non-bio parent feels left out of rituals and memories of family history.

It can be a real circus.

Empty Nest Loneliness During the Holidays is Real.

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Remember when we used to dream about having the house to ourselves? Those crazy detailed fantasies of a clean and quiet home were so tempting! I used to dream about the days when I wouldn’t be tripping over my son’s big, smelly shoes that had been dumped in the doorway…

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