The Most Common Things Women Over 50 Worry About

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Turning 50 is a significant milestone in life. Remember when you were 18, and you thought 50 was basically dead?

Well, surprise! You are not dead; in fact, you are very much alive! Women over 50 have never been healthier or more educated, but sometimes we struggle with worry about life changes.

By the time you get to 50, you can look back at your life as a remarkable journey. Seasons of self-discovery, the acquisition of hard-earned wisdom, and a sense of curiosity about the future are all swirling inside you.

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Fear of Aging Increases in Women Over 50

But for many women over 50 , the tendency to worry increases. Physical changes in your body, swings in your retirement investments and family drama can contribute to the overall fear of aging. Each woman has her own unique concerns and worries.

One scientific study says that women over 50 worry most about developing dementia.

Other polling research indicates that women over 50 worry about financial security. It’s fair to assume that money and health remain at the top of the things that women over 50 find worrisome.

Honestly, life can give us so many reasons to fear aging and spend our time worrying. Spending time on social media and reading the news can send your worry “meter” off the charts!

Women and Aging

So, let’s narrow this worry thing down a bit: here is a general list of the things women over 50 worry about. You might not find all of your worries here, but there will probably be some you can relate to.

And before we start with this list, let’s clarify the reason for this article. Normalizing worry, anxiety, and fear of aging is important. When women feel isolated or “weird,” they struggle with regulating their emotions.

Anytime you feel like you are the only one, remember you are not alone. The ups and downs of life affect all of us at some point or another. You are not alone; we are all a little worried!

So, let’s look at what women over 50 worry about!

Worrying and Women Over 50

1. General Health and Well-being

 Prioritizing physical and mental health discussions prepares us for the coming decades of gradual decline.  Focus on embracing the changes that come with aging, including managing health conditions and maintaining an active lifestyle. Remember, a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind and enriches your overall well-being.

2. Mental Health Struggles

Mental health struggles can encompass a wide range of challenges that can impact a person’s overall well-being. For some, it may be difficult to manage stress and anxiety, while others may struggle with depression or other mental health disorders.

 It’s very common for a woman to arrive at midlife and immediately feel that her world is falling apart. These struggles can feel isolating and overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

Seeking support from a mental health professional or loved ones can make all the difference in navigating these challenges. Taking care of your mental health should be a priority, as it can have a profound impact on your daily life and relationships.

Feeling down as you age can be common. Make sure to pay attention if you have signs of depression, like excessive sleeping or loss of daily enjoyment.

3. Financial Security

Turning 50 is a significant mile marker in your marathon run to retirement.

Financial security is something that everyone wants, yet it can often feel elusive. Simply defined it refers to the ability to have enough money to cover necessary expenses and unexpected emergencies.

Achieving financial security isn’t just about accumulating wealth but also about making smart decisions about managing your finances. This means creating a budget, saving for the future, and avoiding debt.

Money Is Like Sex

In some ways, money is like sex. Everyone wants to have it, but few people really want to talk about it! Make sure you are open and honest in your financial discussions with yourself and your spouse. Knowing that you can have truthful and realistic plans about the costs of aging is well worth the discomfort you might feel in financial discussions.

While it may take time and effort to reach financial security, the peace of mind it provides is well worth it.

4. Emotional Intimacy

Cultivating emotional connection is vital for lasting relationships. Emotional intimacy deepens the bonds between partners and fosters a sense of understanding and connection.

If a woman lacks emotional intimacy in her partnership, she is likely to feel worried and isolated. She might feel like she carries her burdens alone, unsupported by her spouse. If this feels relatable, it might help you to know that most marriages struggle with vulnerable communication.

It might be time to take a risk and ask your partner to sit down with you to talk about your sense of emotional insolation.

Vulnerability is Key

Some partners might respond positively to a request for more emotional intimacy. Hopefully, that will happen in your relationship if needed. When a husband agrees to be more emotionally available to his wife, the marriage shifts into a new level of safety and security for both partners.

Don’t underestimate the importance of feeling emotionally safe and supported by your spouse. Emotional intimacy can cement a marriage for a lifetime, offering safety and connection to both partners.

5. Life Goals and Aspirations

 Life after 50 is an opportunity to reassess and pursue personal and shared goals. Look for opportunities to have encouraging conversations about aspirations, travel plans, and important goals.

Turning 50 is often a wake-up call in areas that are easily measured. Things like health and wealth begin to feel more important, demanding our attention. It is also common for earlier life goals and dreams to begin to surface in your thoughts.

It’s never too late to set new goals. Learning a new language, reading through a series of books, starting a new hobby- you decide what sparks your interest and go for it!

Many women over 50 worry that they are too old or that it is too late to finish a goal or start a new dream. The reality is that many women are more productive as they age, leaving behind the needs of family life.

Forbes said it best: Women over 50, this is our moment!

6. Family Dynamics

 Navigating family dynamics requires thoughtful conversations, especially as children grow and leave home. Discussing your role as a grandparent, adjusting the relationship with your adult children, and managing extended family dynamics require wisdom, grace, and understanding.

This phase is an opportunity to redefine and strengthen family relationships.

For some women over 50, it can take some time to recover from the adjustments of empty nest syndrome. It can be a deep ache and an authentic grief for women as they let go of their identity as active parents. Although it takes time, most women can move into a space of acceptance and enthusiasm about their newfound freedom.

7. Self-Care and Personal Growth

 Prioritize self-care and personal development to nurture your well-being. Reinforce the important value of finding fulfillment, exploring new hobbies, and embracing personal growth. If you are in a partnership, encourage each other to pursue individual interests while supporting shared activities that bring joy.

When you are in a marriage or partnership, it is critical to empower each other toward important goals. Self-growth broadens your desirability; it relieves your partner from feeling like they need to be your “everything.”  Women over 50 need to focus on developing like-minded communities for support and personal development.

8. Sexuality and Intimacy

Maintaining a healthy and satisfying intimate life is a key aspect of relationships over 50. Foster open discussions about desires, preferences, and adapting to changes in intimacy. Embracing this aspect of your relationship contributes to overall happiness and connection.

For women over 50, physical changes are no joke! Menopause is a life-changing event for most women, sometimes making them feel like they are living in a stranger’s body. It’s common for women over 50 to feel like they are losing control of their weight and appearance.

Invest in your health and find an educated health professional who will listen to your concerns and help you design an individual health plan. Not all women will have the same issues; make sure your healthcare provider is open to your feedback and opinions.

Remember, you are the boss of your body.

As we age, the basics of health become even more important. Nutrition, exercise, and a sense of happiness impact our health outcomes.

9. Aging and Physical Health

Aging is a natural process that we all go through, and as we age, our physical health will decline. Taking proactive measures to maintain good physical health as we age is important. This can include staying physically active, eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and going for regular check-ups with healthcare professionals.

Many women worry about the risks of injury as a result of aging. While certain age-related changes are unavoidable, such as a decrease in bone density, staying committed to exercise routines and healthy nutrition can offer some protection against debilitating injury.

There is a growing online presence in health support for women over 50. Menopause coaches and personal trainers are now customizing health plans for this growing population. If you are looking for a certified menopause health coach, head to Girl Gone Strong and check out their certified professionals.

10. Empty Nest Syndrome

 The Empty Nest phase is a significant transition for most women. It’s important to begin having conversations about adjusting to this new chapter, rediscovering individual identities, and fostering a strong connection with your partner. Embrace the freedom to explore new horizons and enjoy the journey together.

Some women struggle to let go of being an active parent. Learning to release your adult kids takes time and, unfortunately, might keep you stuck in a worry cycle. If you find yourself struggling to step back from inserting yourself into your kid’s life, it might be helpful to remind yourself to “trust the process.”

Raising children is a multi-decade process. It will take years for you to see the real results of your efforts. Let go and focus on trusting the process.

11. Legacy and Impact

Reflecting on your legacy and the impact you want to leave becomes more personal in women over 50. It’s time to start engaging in discussions about charitable contributions, community involvement, and the mark you want to make on the world. Sharing this vision with your spouse can deepen your sense of purpose and create a lasting legacy.

Questions To Help You Pass On A Legacy

There’s something deeply meaningful about the idea of passing on a legacy to the next generation. Whether it’s a piece of family history, a set of values, or a specific skill set, there’s a sense of continuity and connection that comes from knowing that we’re carrying forward something that has been cherished by those who came before us.

Truthfully, figuring out how to pass on that legacy can be challenging. How do we convey the importance of something without imposing it on our children or grandchildren? How do we make sure that what we’re passing on is something that will truly be valued?

For some women, passing on a legacy can help us feel grounded and connected, even in a rapidly changing world.

Before you go, remember this.

By the time a woman turns 50, she has learned that navigating life’s twists and turns requires a willingness to embrace change. Awareness of worry cycles and thought patterns can help us; intentionally altering our lifestyles can pave the way for healthier and happier outcomes.

Whether it’s a shift in eating habits, a new exercise routine, or adopting a more positive mindset, these changes can create a positive domino effect. While it may not always be easy, acknowledging your fear of aging can help you make committed changes.

 So, as you journey through life’s complexities, remember to celebrate each step, embrace the possibilities, and continue thriving. Focus on the benefits of aging and take steps to manage your worrisome thoughts.

Here’s to the rewarding adventure of shaping a life that resonates with joy and meaning! Make sure to sign up for my FREE Guide To Balancing Your Empty Nest before you go!

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