Trends That Need to Die in 2023 According to the Internet

Trends are fun, until they are not. Remember the planking challenge? The Tide Pod challenge? Everyone has their opinions on trends and their longevity. Based on recent forum discussions, here are some trends that need to go away.

Tipping on Everything

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One trend that has gained popularity in recent years is “tipping on everything.” This refers to leaving a tip for any type of service, regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem. As one forum user commented, ” Tipping everywhere on everything. We’ve passed the point of absurdity.”

Subscriptions for Everything

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With the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, the trend of subscriptions has expanded beyond just entertainment. It is now expected to see subscriptions for everything from beauty products to meal kits to pet supplies.  One online commenter said, “The last straw for me was Microsoft Office. Bill Gates doesn’t need any more money.”

Posting Yourself Crying on Social Media

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In today’s digital age, it has become common for people to share every aspect of their lives on social media. This includes moments of vulnerability, such as crying or expressing emotional distress. As one person wrote, “I am of the opinion that if you think ‘I should start filming myself’ while sitting there crying, you really aren’t that upset.”

Reaction Videos

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Another trend that has emerged on social media is the phenomenon of reaction videos. These are videos where an individual records their reaction to watching another video or content. While some folks find these entertaining, others argue that it promotes a culture of constantly seeking external validation. Forum readers agree that the best way to describe this type of video is like this: “Its always just “whoooooah dude that’s crazy… whoa… that’s crazy dude… whoa… can’t believe I saw that man… subscribe for more.”

TikTok Challenges

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The app TikTok is known for its short, catchy videos. One trend that has gained traction on the platform is challenges – where users are encouraged to recreate a specific dance or action in their video. Most challenges are harmless fun, but some have resulted in fatalities. As a result, there has been a backlash against TikTok for not doing enough to monitor and regulate these challenges.

Scanning a QR Code Instead of a Menu

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In response to the pandemic, many restaurants and businesses have begun using QR codes instead of physical menus or paper materials. While this is seen as a more hygienic and efficient option, there have been concerns about accessibility for those who may not have access to a smartphone or the internet. Like one reader said,” I can understand if there’s QR code menus and physical menus, but just QR codes is ridiculous. Some people might not even have a phone for that.”

Fake Eyelashes

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Social media has also popularized beauty trends, such as fake eyelashes and picture filters. While these can enhance one’s appearance, there has been a backlash against the pressure to conform to a certain standard of beauty and the negative impact it can have on self-esteem. But others feel differently, posting this comment on a forum: “They only look bad if you wear them wrong. If you get the right size and wear them properly, they can really elevate a look without sticking out like a sore thumb.”

Gender Reveal Parties

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Gender reveal parties have become a popular trend for parents to announce the gender of their unborn child. However, this trend has sparked criticism after the 2020 southern California wildfire due to a gender reveal photoshoot using a colored smoke bomb. As a result of the fire, the couple was charged with involuntary manslaughter due to the death of a firefighter attempting to control the blaze.

When we talk about backlash against trends, it often stems from concerns about their societal, individual, or environmental impact. Some trends can even perpetuate unhealthy habits or reinforce harmful societal norms. And let’s face it, some trends need just to go away!

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