Trust Your Instincts: 10 Behaviors That Liars Use To Make Us Believe Them

In our day-to-day lives, we rely on others’ honesty, but let’s face it – not everyone is always truthful. Whether it’s a crucial job interview, a high-stakes negotiation, or even a personal relationship, being able to identify deception can be a game-changer. While no one indicator can guarantee that someone is lying, some key behaviors and actions might raise suspicions.  Although you can’t make someone take a lie detector test, you can closely observe their words and actions to get closer to the truth.

Avoiding Eye Contact

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An essential aspect of human interaction is eye contact. When someone avoids making eye contact while speaking, it may be a sign that they are lying. People tend to break eye contact when they feel guilty or uncomfortable with what they are saying.

Inconsistencies in Their Story

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Body Language

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Nonverbal cues such as fidgeting, touching their face or mouth, and shifting their body posture can indicate that someone is not telling the truth. These behaviors may be subconscious reactions to stress or nervousness caused by lying.

Being Defensive

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Defensiveness is a common reaction when someone feels accused of something. If a person becomes defensive when asked simple questions, it could be a sign that they are lying.

Lack of Detail or Too Many Details

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When someone is telling the truth, they tend to provide specific details and information about what happened. On the other hand, a liar may struggle to come up with these details or give vague answers. But on the other hand, while a lack of detail can indicate lying, providing too many irrelevant details can also be a sign of deceit. This could be an attempt to distract from the lie or make the story seem more believable.

Hesitation or Delays in Responding

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If someone takes too long to answer a simple question, it could mean that they are trying to come up with a lie. Similarly, hesitation or delays in responding may indicate that the person is not being truthful.

Change in Tone of Voice

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Pay attention to how someone’s voice changes when they are lying. They may speak louder or softer than usual, stutter, or alter their tone. These changes in vocal patterns can be a sign of deception.

Lack of Emotion

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A person who is lying may not show appropriate emotions for the situation. For instance, they may laugh or smile when talking about something serious or show little emotion while discussing a personal experience.

Changes in Breathing Patterns

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Lying can cause changes in breathing patterns, such as taking deep breaths or holding breaths for extended periods. These changes may be a result of the stress and nervousness associated with lying.

Gut Feeling

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Lastly, trust your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right about what someone is saying or how they are behaving, it could be a sign that they are lying. Our instincts can often pick up on subtle cues that we may not consciously notice.

We all know that uncovering lies is not as simple as looking for a single behavior or action. However, some signs can help you become more attentive and perceptive in your interactions. Use these signs as a guide, but remember to consider the context and other factors before making any conclusions. Honesty and trust are crucial in relationships, so if you have doubts about someone’s truthfulness, it’s important to address them directly.

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